Month: November 2020

Down the tunnel after Hadar Goldin

by David Kramer

During the fighting in the Gaza Strip in 2014, Hamas terrorists emerged from a tunnel shaft in the vicinity of a group of Israeli soldiers. One of the terrorists proceeded to detonate himself, killing three IDF soldiers in the process and kidnapping the body of one of them, Lt. Hadar Goldin, dragging him down the…

A Patients Letter to Staff at Sharee Zedek Hospital

by David Kramer

On April 10, 2019 I met with Audrey Gross who works in the Public Affairs department of Shaare Zedek Hospital (“Gates of Righteousness”) in Jerusalem. Shaare Zedek is today the city’s fastest growing hospital and the only major medical facility in the city’s center. Shaare Zedek is well known internationally for its emergency response systems…

An Animals Best Friend – Ofer Drori

by David Kramer

When Israeli photojournalist, Ofir Drori, left for a trip to Africa, following four years in the Israeli army, he never would have imagined that this decision would change his life and that he would become an award-winning wildlife activist, spearheading the fight against the illegal animal trafficking industry in Africa. While travelling to Cameroon, Drori…