Month: December 2020

25 smartest countries in the world

by David Kramer

How smart is the country you live in? Very interesting to read Forbes report and ranking of the 25 smartest countries in the world. Voucherclowd performed the research and rated countries collective intelligence according to three factors: the number of Nobel Prizes each nation has won to represent historic intelligence, the current average IQ and…

Light up Africa

by David Kramer

Native-born Israeli, Sivan Ya’ari, landed her first job in Africa in 1998, as the head of quality control for a multinational clothing company. The experience provided her with first-hand exposure to the poverty that exists in the African continent, motivating her to complete a Master’s degree in Energy and Environment from Columbia University and start…

Miracle Mission from Jerusalem to Ethiopia

by David Kramer

On a recent trip to Ethiopia, eight doctors, three nurses and one physical therapist from the Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem travelled on a weeklong medical mission to the city of Mekelle, in the African country’s north. Led by Dr. Josh Schroeder, a spine surgeon at Hadassah and Dr. Allon Moses, the chairman of Hadassah’s…