Praying For Eli Beer!


 I can’t get this out of my mind!

Two weeks ago, I received these photos from Eli Beer, founder and CEO of United Hatzalah in Israel and one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Eli as many of you know started United Hatzalah of Israel driven by a passion to find the quickest solution to save lives in Israel. When Eli was 6 years old he witnessed a terror attack while walking back from school in Jerusalem and shocked from the sites he saw he ran home. Later he went on to volunteer at an ambulance service but became increasingly frustrated by the fact that they almost always arrived too late responding to emergencies. In 1996, Eli finally launched his innovative answer: Ambucycles, medically-equipped motorcyles that respond to medical situations within 3 minutes and less. Drivers are fully trained paramedics, equipped with an advanced GPS application that dispatches the nearest responder to the site of the emergency. They have over 6,000 volunteers today, who let nothing come in the way between them and saving lives, regardless of whether the patient is Jewish, Muslim or Christian. To date, they have responded to over 300,000 calls annually of which approximately 10% are life and death situations and their model and technology has been implemented in countries worldwide saving lives on an unprecedented level. They are also currently on the frontlines in the fight against Corona responding to thousands of calls daily of sick people across the country

And then this happens!! As published in the media today, Eli has been diagnosed with the Corona Virus while on a fundraising trip in Miami. He is currently sedated and has been placed on a respirator machine. Before being sedated, Eli in typical style called on people to pray and perform acts of kindness toward eachother.

Please pray for Eli Beer or Eliezer Yehuda Ben Chaya. May he be blessed with a speedy recovery!!!

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