Top 100 Israeli #Charities To Support Right Now!


The non-profit sector in Israel has been hard hit by the Corona epidemic and this is significant as they represent Israel’s lifeline to the most vulnerable and weak members of society.

Whether it’s hospitals and medical institutions that are directly treating the infected or organizations that feed those affected by the economic repercussions; people with Disabilities; special needs; the mentally challenged; teens-at-risk; wounded veterans etc. the current reality will only exacerbate the challenges that Israeli society faced before the virus.

Israel is refered to as the “Start-Up Nation” but unfortunately, this does not reflect the reality for the majority of Israelis who live, getting by month to month (one third of Israelis are food insecure.) And this was before unemployment rose to 30% as a result of the Corona virus. Only when we get over the shock of this lockdown period, we will be able to emerge from our “caves” to asses the economic and social damage that this global pandemic has had on our society.

Therefore in order to assist and start a process of helping these organizations, which are usually not as “sexy” as the technological innovations that Israel has become so well known for (and for which I derive such immense pride,) I have complied a list of 100 charitable organizations that I feel worthy of supporting. There are obviously many more that should be included and I invite anyone who reads this to contribute other organizations that you are aware of so that together, we can support this vital sector!?

The organizations that I mention below are ones which I have come to know personally through an initiative I founded in 2010, NU Campaign, and which featured in State Of The Heart. The common denominator connecting them is they they are inclusive across the spectrum of Israeli society and appeal to the wider-public. I also do not hold myself as an authority in this field and these are only my suggestions and in no particular order!


Supporting People in the Periphery and Food-Insecure Populations

Leket Israel– The National Food Bank, is a leading food rescue organization in Israel,  –

Latet – umbrella organization providing for the basic needs of populations throughout Israel, living in poverty and food insecurity.

Meir Panim – Fighting poverty in Israel by providing relief to the poor via soup kitchens & other programs.

Yad Ezra Veshulamit – mission is to feed poor and hungry families in Israel, with a special focus on providing daily hot meals for children. –

Karmei Hair – assisting the most needy members of society to get back on their feet –

Pantry Packers (Colel Chabad) – the food distribution arm of Tzedakah Central/Colel Chabad the oldest continuously operating network of social services in Israel – established in 1788. –

Sderot Chessed Center – food distribution and social services to over 670 families in need in Sderot and surrounding areas in the South of Israel –

Afikim – helping and promoting children and youth at-risk in Israel and their families. –

Ogen, Free Loan Society – Israel’s social lender, creating financial opportunity and building a fairer and stronger economy for all sectors of society. –

Ethiopian National Project – works to advance the integration of Ethiopian-Israelis into Israeli society. –

Chasdei Naomi – works with corporations and service providers as well as a network of volunteers to provide food and other basic needs for 10,000 families throughout Israel. –

Helping People with Disabilities And Special Needs

Aleh – Medical, Educational And Rehabilitative Care for children with severe Disabilities-

Shalva – Israel Association for the Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities –

Special In Uniform – integration of young people with Disabilites into the IDF. –

Israel Sport Center For The Disabled- center for the rehabilitation of the physically challenged –

The Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization (ZDVO) – ‘represents and supports over 51,000 members wounded and disabled while fighting in defense of the State of Israel isabled Veterans

Krembo Wings – youth movement in Israel for children and young adults with special needs together with their able-bodied peers

Beit Issie Shapiro – provides innovative therapies, knowledge and services and promoting legislation and social change for people with disabilities. –

Shekel – Inclusion and independent living for people with Disabilities –

Simcha Layeled – improving lives for kids with Disabilities and seriously ill –

Yachad (Israel and USA) – National Jewish Council for Disabilities –

Shutaf – inclusion programs for youth with special needs –

Milbat – inclusion and independent living support for people with Disabilities –

Kesher – inclusion and acceptance of people with special needs –

Gan Sulam – provides educational & therapeutic services for people with Disabilities –

Kishorit – home for life for adults with special needs in the Western Galilee

TOM:Global – worldwide makers community to create open-ended solutions for people with Disabilities –

Wheelchairs Of Hope – an initiative to develop, design, manufacture and provide a wheelchair to children in need of mobility.

Israel Guide Dog Center – train guide dogs to help the visually impaired navigate the congested streets of Israel and supply Service Companions providing unwavering emotional support.

Alut- National Autism Institute –

Equalizer – provides an educational-social-sportive afternoon framework for children in Israel’s social periphery.

Emergency Response, Medical, Mental Health, Seniors, Terror Victims

Magen David Adom – Israel’s National Emergency Pre-Hospital Medical and Blood Services Organization. –

United Hatzalah – free, volunteer-based emergency medical service organization providing  immediate medical intervention during the critical window between the onset of an emergency and the arrival of traditional ambulance assistance-

Yad Sarah – enable chronically ill, disabled, infirm, and terminally ill people to live at home either on their own or in the care of their families or caregivers, with dignity

Zaka –  Israel’s primary rescue and recovery volunteer organization

One Family –  is the family of Israel’s victims of terror attacks

Koby Mandel Foundation – helps bereaved mothers, fathers, widows, orphans and siblings who have lost loved ones to terror and other tragedies  –

Natal – specializes in the field of war and terror related trauma –

Metiv – Israel Center For Treatment Of Psychotrauma –

IDF, wounded veterans –

Dream Doctors – integrating medical clowns into the hospital healthcare system in Israel.

Mercaz Panim – provide emotional and physical support to women and couples facing fertility challenges –

Melabev – provides a range of high-quality services in the community for individuals who are living with various forms of dementia. –

Zichron Menachem – brings. joy and support to children with cancer and their families in Israel-

Ezer Mezion – offers  wide range of medical and social support services for Israel’s sick, disabled and elderly, including largest Jewish Bone Marrow Registry   –


Sharee Zedek Hospital – Jerusalem –

Hadassah Ein Kerem – Jerusalem –

Ichilov Hospital – Tel-Aviv –

Soroka Hospital – Negev-

Rambam Hospital – Haifa –

Ziv Hospital – – Tzefat –

Barzilai Hospital – Ashkelon –

Sheba Medical Center – Tel-Aviv –

Addiction; Domestic Abuse and Shelters; Teens and Youth-At-Risk

Retorno – rehab facility in Israel, offering detox, recovery, outreach, and prevention services for every type of addiction. –

Israel Center on addiction – spearheads the treatment of addiction in Israel.

Elem – works for fate of youth at-risk in Israel, supporting and raising awareness of their distress onto the social/national agenda. (UN status) –

SAHI – Sayeret Hachesed – game-changing approach to empowering at-risk youth by turning them into agents of change in their communities-

ImpactIsrael (previously Yemin Orde)- The Village is a home, school and safe haven for at-risk immigrant youth from around the world –

Yedidim – helping Israeli youth, regardless of their cultural and socio-economic background, have the opportunity to realize their full potential –

Maagalim – empowers 11th and 12th grade at-risk youth from the geographical and social peripheries of Israel and helps them undergo a process of personal growth-

Bat Melech – give Israeli women and children suffering from domestic abuse a life of dignity, productivity and self-respect –

Maslan – The crisis center for victims of violence and sexual violence in the Negev, works to assist, accompany and serve as a source of emotional and practical support for victims and their relatives –

WIZO’s shelters- provide safety and security for women and children fleeing abusive men. The shelters accommodate families for a minimum of six months at a time.  –

Haruv – supports children suffering abuse and neglect –

Atara – tackles the critical challenges that teens-at-risk and young adults face as they age out.

Global Aid Organizations

IsraAid – provides global relief in disaster situations and long-term recovery support.  –

Innovation:Africa – using Israeli solar and water technology, InnovationAfrica has delivered access to clean water and light to more than 1.7 million people in Africa –

Save A Child’s Heart – improves the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children from developing countries who suffer from heart disease, and who cannot get adequate medical care in their home countries.

Tevel B Tzedek- offers international volunteering opportunities in the developing world including Nepal and Africa –

Israeli Flying Aid – delivers life-saving aid to communities affected by natural disaster and human conflict, transcending differences, prejudices, race, nationality, religion, and creed.  –

Sid-Israel – Israeli branch of the Society for International Development (SID), a global forum of individuals and organizations in the field of sustainable economic and social development.

Defense Organizations (Unfortunately, Corona is not the only threat we face):

Shurat Hadin – files legal actions on behalf of terror victims –

Thank Israeli Soldiers – educates, empowers and embraces soldiers throughout their IDF service and beyond –

Yashar Lachayal – help injured, financially disadvantaged, bereaved families of fallen heroes, & more –

Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin – dedicated to meeting all of the physical and social needs of lone soldiers –

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