History In The Making!

by David Kramer

History in the making!

United Arab Emirate officials arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport this afternoon kicking off agreements of the Abraham Accord, signed between Israel and the UAE in Washington last month.   The Etihad 787-10 Dreamliner arrived with 58 passengers on board and was greeted in a festive ceremony.

“We are very excited to be here,” the flight’s captain Saleh Abdullah said. “Hopefully this is the beginning of a good relationship between UAE and Israel and if someone asked me a few months ago if I would be here making a speech in Tel Aviv, I would have said this is impossible,” he said.

Today is also the first day of rain in Israel- which is called גשם של ברכה- “Rain Of blessings!”   Let’s hope this ushers in a new year of hope and blessings for Israel and the entire region!!

Image Credit: AFP

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