What I was doing when Corona Hit!

So I spent two years writing a book, another year finding a publisher and an additional year making changes to the original copy. Then the publisher worked hard to get the book in stores in Israel and the US and we set the launch date on March 1. Few days before the launch he sends me an email that the book has been accepted by the two largest book-store chains in Israel Steimatzky and Tzomet… GREAT news?!!

Or NOT?…the same week #Corona hits Israel and our country, like many others #worldwide, is placed in semi-lockdown and businesses, restaurants, cafes and “book stores” are closed. The tourism related business I work in also came to a halt and now I’m at home with my family not knowing what tomorrow brings…

Now I know my reality pails in comparison to the thousand of people who have been infected with the virus and the #uncertainty and #pain they are going through and the hundreds and thousands who are in quarantine. My #heart and #prayers are with you right now!!

Through all this I have given much thought to the book I wrote, State Of the Heart and what it stands for. The book as its name suggests is a collection of stories about inspiring #people and #organizations that work to preserve and advance human #life in Israel and worldwide. It covers the stories of doctors, emergency medical staff, global aid volunteers, founders and humanitarian relief organizations, social entrepreneurs, soldiers and others who have and continue to make incredible sacrifices to better #humanity and their surroundings, regardless of religion, race or ethnicity.

It’s made me realize how relevant this book is at such a challenging time when this global situation has called upon so many people to put themselves on the frontlines and apply their skill sets, talents, ideas and creativity to help fight and beat this crisis.

I am in daily contact with the people featured in the book and I therefore intend to continue promoting their #stories!! I plan to share unique stories from the field that further document this narrative and important message at such a crucial time!!

I also invite you to HELP me in this effort by sending me stories that you hear of in your own communities and countries. I will be happy to share and post them here so that we can all learn from them; see if their efforts can be implemented close to home and feel inspired to continue in their path and make a difference!!!!

I am also pledging to donate #proceeds from the books online sales to help promote these initiatives and bring global awareness to further their efforts!!

The book ends with the following quote which I believe has never been more important than now: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” (Ethics of the Fathers ‪1:14‬).


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