Why Israel paid double the price for Pfizer Vaccines?

by David Kramer

I read in the news today that the reasons why Israel so far leads the world in number of Corona vaccines is due to the fact that the current Prime Minister of Israel personally called the CEO of Pfizer and guaranteed enough doses for the entire country (and apparently more) and secondly, due to the fact that Israel agreed to pay $30 per vaccine dosage, double the amount than European countries and $10 more than the American price.

Now something doesn’t sound right about that!!?? Israeli’s agreed to pay more than other countries??? Anyone who has been to Israel will appreciate the Israeli knack for a good bargain and the extent to which some in Israel will go to get that. Negotiation is part of our DNA and almost everything in the country is up for a better price

So why then did Israel get such a bad deal here or in other terms, why did Israel agree to pay such a high amount??

The answer to the question, reveals one of the most obvious, yet most commonly misunderstood facts about Israel. That the value of life in Israel is the highest commodity to which the country and most of it’s citizens will go to preserve.

Take Syria, where Israeli doctors and hospitals saved thousands of Syrian life during their ongoing civil war; take the reality in Israeli hospitals everyday where thousands of Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank come for life-saving medical treatment; take the fact that there are over 7000 Israeli entrepreneurs and scientists currently innovating solutions in medicine, agriculture, finance, transport etc. that will benefit the quality of life for millions worldwide; take the fact that the IDF invests billions of tax-payers dollars to prevent collateral damage to it’s enemies population in its complex fight against terror and the list goes on.

Somethings I guess, are worth a higher price.

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